The idea to support Children in need in poor countries especially with their education and food came when  my husband and I were on a trip to Africa, we were talking to locals to learn about their cultures and traditions when we met a woman who told us about the struggles of life from poverty, violence, and lack of education. During our chat we came to know about the number of kids that drop out of school for many reasons.

The world saw a decrease in out-of-school children in every region except for sub-Saharan Africa. Although aspects of education in Africa have improved, many obstacles remain. Below are some facts about education in Africa to illustrate the ongoing struggle.


  1. 1. About 262 million children and youth are out of school, according to UIS data for the school year ending in 2017.

  2. 2. Africa has the highest rates of educational exclusion in the world. Over one-fifth of children between the ages of 6 and 11 and one-third between the ages of 12 and 14 are out of school.

  3. 3. Almost 60 percent of children in sub-Saharan Africa between the ages of 15 and 17 are not in school.

  4. 4. Girls are much more likely to stay out of school than boys. Nine million girls between the ages of about 6 and 11 in Africa will never go to school at all, compared to six million boys.

  5. 5. A UNESCO study in 2012 showed that the number of primary-aged children not attending school in Africa accounted for more than half of the global total.

  6. 6. According to the United Nations, 42% of African school children will drop out before the end of primary education.

  7. 7. In 2010, Sub Saharan Africa accounted for 31 million of the world’s 61 million children of primary school age out of school. The situation is particularly troubling for girls, with only one out of four girls attending school.

  8. 8. If every girl in sub-Saharan Africa completed even just a primary education, the maternal mortality rate would likely decrease by 70 percent.


My husband and I decided that we should do something to help change the miserable life of these kids and give them a chance for a better life.


Every child deserves the opportunity to learn. Thanks to people like you, EDDIS works every day to ensure all children have the best chance to learn. Together, we will achieve breakthroughs in education for children.


With every bag purchased


  • You're helping a kid stays in school, have better conditions, and excel at the same time. 
  • Your help will allow us to keep building and repairing schools, providing a healthy and safe environment, offering food during the school day to encourage more families to keep sending their kids to school. 

    EDDIS gives 10% of its profit to Save The Children organization.


    By proving the right help to these kids we will contribute to a better future for them and for the next generations.


    Why should you buy an EDDIS backpack? 

    Other than the good cause we're supporting, we want you to know that our products are made from 100% eco-friendly materials.

    We also made sure to pick a humane work environment to have it made. We searched for the best possible factories in China that could manufacture it that has the best possible work environment. 

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